Render GroupsΒΆ

The Group class allows you to group several renderables together so they may be rendered in a context where only a single renderable may be supplied. For instance, you might want to display several renderables within a Panel.

To render two panels within a third panel, you would construct a Group with the child renderables as positional arguments then wrap the result in another Panel:

from rich import print
from rich.console import Group
from rich.panel import Panel

panel_group = Group(
    Panel("Hello", style="on blue"),
    Panel("World", style="on red"),

This pattern is nice when you know in advance what renderables will be in a group, but can get awkward if you have a larger number of renderables, especially if they are dynamic. Rich provides a group() decorator to help with these situations. The decorator builds a group from an iterator of renderables. The following is the equivalent of the previous example using the decorator:

from rich import print
from rich.console import group
from rich.panel import Panel

def get_panels():
    yield Panel("Hello", style="on blue")
    yield Panel("World", style="on red")