Source code for rich.protocol

from typing import Any, cast, Set, TYPE_CHECKING
from inspect import isclass

    from rich.console import RenderableType

_GIBBERISH = """aihwerij235234ljsdnp34ksodfipwoe234234jlskjdf"""

[docs]def is_renderable(check_object: Any) -> bool: """Check if an object may be rendered by Rich.""" return ( isinstance(check_object, str) or hasattr(check_object, "__rich__") or hasattr(check_object, "__rich_console__") )
[docs]def rich_cast(renderable: object) -> "RenderableType": """Cast an object to a renderable by calling __rich__ if present. Args: renderable (object): A potentially renderable object Returns: object: The result of recursively calling __rich__. """ from rich.console import RenderableType rich_visited_set: Set[type] = set() # Prevent potential infinite loop while hasattr(renderable, "__rich__") and not isclass(renderable): # Detect object which claim to have all the attributes if hasattr(renderable, _GIBBERISH): return repr(renderable) cast_method = getattr(renderable, "__rich__") renderable = cast_method() renderable_type = type(renderable) if renderable_type in rich_visited_set: break rich_visited_set.add(renderable_type) return cast(RenderableType, renderable)