Source code for rich.theme

import configparser
from typing import Dict, List, IO, Mapping, Optional

from .default_styles import DEFAULT_STYLES
from .style import Style, StyleType

[docs]class Theme: """A container for style information, used by :class:`~rich.console.Console`. Args: styles (Dict[str, Style], optional): A mapping of style names on to styles. Defaults to None for a theme with no styles. inherit (bool, optional): Inherit default styles. Defaults to True. """ styles: Dict[str, Style] def __init__( self, styles: Optional[Mapping[str, StyleType]] = None, inherit: bool = True ): self.styles = DEFAULT_STYLES.copy() if inherit else {} if styles is not None: self.styles.update( { name: style if isinstance(style, Style) else Style.parse(style) for name, style in styles.items() } ) @property def config(self) -> str: """Get contents of a config file for this theme.""" config = "[styles]\n" + "\n".join( f"{name} = {style}" for name, style in sorted(self.styles.items()) ) return config
[docs] @classmethod def from_file( cls, config_file: IO[str], source: Optional[str] = None, inherit: bool = True ) -> "Theme": """Load a theme from a text mode file. Args: config_file (IO[str]): An open conf file. source (str, optional): The filename of the open file. Defaults to None. inherit (bool, optional): Inherit default styles. Defaults to True. Returns: Theme: A New theme instance. """ config = configparser.ConfigParser() config.read_file(config_file, source=source) styles = {name: Style.parse(value) for name, value in config.items("styles")} theme = Theme(styles, inherit=inherit) return theme
[docs] @classmethod def read( cls, path: str, inherit: bool = True, encoding: Optional[str] = None ) -> "Theme": """Read a theme from a path. Args: path (str): Path to a config file readable by Python configparser module. inherit (bool, optional): Inherit default styles. Defaults to True. encoding (str, optional): Encoding of the config file. Defaults to None. Returns: Theme: A new theme instance. """ with open(path, "rt", encoding=encoding) as config_file: return cls.from_file(config_file, source=path, inherit=inherit)
class ThemeStackError(Exception): """Base exception for errors related to the theme stack.""" class ThemeStack: """A stack of themes. Args: theme (Theme): A theme instance """ def __init__(self, theme: Theme) -> None: self._entries: List[Dict[str, Style]] = [theme.styles] self.get = self._entries[-1].get def push_theme(self, theme: Theme, inherit: bool = True) -> None: """Push a theme on the top of the stack. Args: theme (Theme): A Theme instance. inherit (boolean, optional): Inherit styles from current top of stack. """ styles: Dict[str, Style] styles = ( {**self._entries[-1], **theme.styles} if inherit else theme.styles.copy() ) self._entries.append(styles) self.get = self._entries[-1].get def pop_theme(self) -> None: """Pop (and discard) the top-most theme.""" if len(self._entries) == 1: raise ThemeStackError("Unable to pop base theme") self._entries.pop() self.get = self._entries[-1].get if __name__ == "__main__": # pragma: no cover theme = Theme() print(theme.config)