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from abc import ABC

[docs]class RichRenderable(ABC): """An abstract base class for Rich renderables. Note that there is no need to extend this class, the intended use is to check if an object supports the Rich renderable protocol. For example:: if isinstance(my_object, RichRenderable): console.print(my_object) """ @classmethod def __subclasshook__(cls, other: type) -> bool: """Check if this class supports the rich render protocol.""" return hasattr(other, "__rich_console__") or hasattr(other, "__rich__")
if __name__ == "__main__": # pragma: no cover from rich.text import Text t = Text() print(isinstance(Text, RichRenderable)) print(isinstance(t, RichRenderable)) class Foo: pass f = Foo() print(isinstance(f, RichRenderable)) print(isinstance("", RichRenderable))