Source code for rich.logging

import logging
from datetime import datetime
from logging import Handler, LogRecord
from pathlib import Path
from typing import ClassVar, List, Optional, Type, Union

from . import get_console
from ._log_render import LogRender, FormatTimeCallable
from .console import Console, ConsoleRenderable
from .highlighter import Highlighter, ReprHighlighter
from .text import Text
from .traceback import Traceback

[docs]class RichHandler(Handler): """A logging handler that renders output with Rich. The time / level / message and file are displayed in columns. The level is color coded, and the message is syntax highlighted. Note: Be careful when enabling console markup in log messages if you have configured logging for libraries not under your control. If a dependency writes messages containing square brackets, it may not produce the intended output. Args: level (Union[int, str], optional): Log level. Defaults to logging.NOTSET. console (:class:`~rich.console.Console`, optional): Optional console instance to write logs. Default will use a global console instance writing to stdout. show_time (bool, optional): Show a column for the time. Defaults to True. omit_repeated_times (bool, optional): Omit repetition of the same time. Defaults to True. show_level (bool, optional): Show a column for the level. Defaults to True. show_path (bool, optional): Show the path to the original log call. Defaults to True. enable_link_path (bool, optional): Enable terminal link of path column to file. Defaults to True. highlighter (Highlighter, optional): Highlighter to style log messages, or None to use ReprHighlighter. Defaults to None. markup (bool, optional): Enable console markup in log messages. Defaults to False. rich_tracebacks (bool, optional): Enable rich tracebacks with syntax highlighting and formatting. Defaults to False. tracebacks_width (Optional[int], optional): Number of characters used to render tracebacks, or None for full width. Defaults to None. tracebacks_extra_lines (int, optional): Additional lines of code to render tracebacks, or None for full width. Defaults to None. tracebacks_theme (str, optional): Override pygments theme used in traceback. tracebacks_word_wrap (bool, optional): Enable word wrapping of long tracebacks lines. Defaults to True. tracebacks_show_locals (bool, optional): Enable display of locals in tracebacks. Defaults to False. locals_max_length (int, optional): Maximum length of containers before abbreviating, or None for no abbreviation. Defaults to 10. locals_max_string (int, optional): Maximum length of string before truncating, or None to disable. Defaults to 80. log_time_format (Union[str, TimeFormatterCallable], optional): If ``log_time`` is enabled, either string for strftime or callable that formats the time. Defaults to "[%x %X] ". """ KEYWORDS: ClassVar[Optional[List[str]]] = [ "GET", "POST", "HEAD", "PUT", "DELETE", "OPTIONS", "TRACE", "PATCH", ] HIGHLIGHTER_CLASS: ClassVar[Type[Highlighter]] = ReprHighlighter def __init__( self, level: Union[int, str] = logging.NOTSET, console: Optional[Console] = None, *, show_time: bool = True, omit_repeated_times: bool = True, show_level: bool = True, show_path: bool = True, enable_link_path: bool = True, highlighter: Optional[Highlighter] = None, markup: bool = False, rich_tracebacks: bool = False, tracebacks_width: Optional[int] = None, tracebacks_extra_lines: int = 3, tracebacks_theme: Optional[str] = None, tracebacks_word_wrap: bool = True, tracebacks_show_locals: bool = False, locals_max_length: int = 10, locals_max_string: int = 80, log_time_format: Union[str, FormatTimeCallable] = "[%x %X]", ) -> None: super().__init__(level=level) self.console = console or get_console() self.highlighter = highlighter or self.HIGHLIGHTER_CLASS() self._log_render = LogRender( show_time=show_time, show_level=show_level, show_path=show_path, time_format=log_time_format, omit_repeated_times=omit_repeated_times, level_width=None, ) self.enable_link_path = enable_link_path self.markup = markup self.rich_tracebacks = rich_tracebacks self.tracebacks_width = tracebacks_width self.tracebacks_extra_lines = tracebacks_extra_lines self.tracebacks_theme = tracebacks_theme self.tracebacks_word_wrap = tracebacks_word_wrap self.tracebacks_show_locals = tracebacks_show_locals self.locals_max_length = locals_max_length self.locals_max_string = locals_max_string
[docs] def get_level_text(self, record: LogRecord) -> Text: """Get the level name from the record. Args: record (LogRecord): LogRecord instance. Returns: Text: A tuple of the style and level name. """ level_name = record.levelname level_text = Text.styled( level_name.ljust(8), f"logging.level.{level_name.lower()}" ) return level_text
[docs] def emit(self, record: LogRecord) -> None: """Invoked by logging.""" message = self.format(record) traceback = None if ( self.rich_tracebacks and record.exc_info and record.exc_info != (None, None, None) ): exc_type, exc_value, exc_traceback = record.exc_info assert exc_type is not None assert exc_value is not None traceback = Traceback.from_exception( exc_type, exc_value, exc_traceback, width=self.tracebacks_width, extra_lines=self.tracebacks_extra_lines, theme=self.tracebacks_theme, word_wrap=self.tracebacks_word_wrap, show_locals=self.tracebacks_show_locals, locals_max_length=self.locals_max_length, locals_max_string=self.locals_max_string, ) message = record.getMessage() if self.formatter: record.message = record.getMessage() formatter = self.formatter if hasattr(formatter, "usesTime") and formatter.usesTime(): record.asctime = formatter.formatTime(record, formatter.datefmt) message = formatter.formatMessage(record) message_renderable = self.render_message(record, message) log_renderable = self.render( record=record, traceback=traceback, message_renderable=message_renderable ) self.console.print(log_renderable)
[docs] def render_message(self, record: LogRecord, message: str) -> "ConsoleRenderable": """Render message text in to Text. record (LogRecord): logging Record. message (str): String containing log message. Returns: ConsoleRenderable: Renderable to display log message. """ use_markup = ( getattr(record, "markup") if hasattr(record, "markup") else self.markup ) message_text = Text.from_markup(message) if use_markup else Text(message) if self.highlighter: message_text = self.highlighter(message_text) if self.KEYWORDS: message_text.highlight_words(self.KEYWORDS, "logging.keyword") return message_text
[docs] def render( self, *, record: LogRecord, traceback: Optional[Traceback], message_renderable: "ConsoleRenderable", ) -> "ConsoleRenderable": """Render log for display. Args: record (LogRecord): logging Record. traceback (Optional[Traceback]): Traceback instance or None for no Traceback. message_renderable (ConsoleRenderable): Renderable (typically Text) containing log message contents. Returns: ConsoleRenderable: Renderable to display log. """ path = Path(record.pathname).name level = self.get_level_text(record) time_format = None if self.formatter is None else self.formatter.datefmt log_time = datetime.fromtimestamp(record.created) log_renderable = self._log_render( self.console, [message_renderable] if not traceback else [message_renderable, traceback], log_time=log_time, time_format=time_format, level=level, path=path, line_no=record.lineno, link_path=record.pathname if self.enable_link_path else None, ) return log_renderable
if __name__ == "__main__": # pragma: no cover from time import sleep FORMAT = "%(message)s" # FORMAT = "%(asctime)-15s - %(levelname)s - %(message)s" logging.basicConfig( level="NOTSET", format=FORMAT, datefmt="[%X]", handlers=[RichHandler(rich_tracebacks=True, tracebacks_show_locals=True)], ) log = logging.getLogger("rich")"Server starting...")"Listening on") sleep(1)"GET /index.html 200 1298")"GET /imgs/backgrounds/back1.jpg 200 54386")"GET /css/styles.css 200 54386") log.warning("GET /favicon.ico 404 242") sleep(1) log.debug( "JSONRPC request\n--> %r\n<-- %r", { "version": "1.1", "method": "confirmFruitPurchase", "params": [["apple", "orange", "mangoes", "pomelo"], 1.123], "id": "194521489", }, {"version": "1.1", "result": True, "error": None, "id": "194521489"}, ) log.debug( "Loading configuration file /adasd/asdasd/qeqwe/qwrqwrqwr/sdgsdgsdg/werwerwer/dfgerert/ertertert/ertetert/werwerwer" ) log.error("Unable to find 'pomelo' in database!")"POST /jsonrpc/ 200 65532")"POST /admin/ 401 42234") log.warning("password was rejected for admin site.") def divide() -> None: number = 1 divisor = 0 foos = ["foo"] * 100 log.debug("in divide") try: number / divisor except: log.exception("An error of some kind occurred!") divide() sleep(1) log.critical("Out of memory!")"Server exited with code=-1")"[bold]EXITING...[/bold]", extra=dict(markup=True))