Source code for rich.styled

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from .measure import Measurement
from .segment import Segment
from .style import StyleType

    from .console import Console, ConsoleOptions, RenderResult, RenderableType

[docs]class Styled: """Apply a style to a renderable. Args: renderable (RenderableType): Any renderable. style (StyleType): A style to apply across the entire renderable. """ def __init__(self, renderable: "RenderableType", style: "StyleType") -> None: self.renderable = renderable = style def __rich_console__( self, console: "Console", options: "ConsoleOptions" ) -> "RenderResult": style = console.get_style( rendered_segments = console.render(self.renderable, options) segments = Segment.apply_style(rendered_segments, style) return segments def __rich_measure__( self, console: "Console", options: "ConsoleOptions" ) -> Measurement: return Measurement.get(console, options, self.renderable)
if __name__ == "__main__": # pragma: no cover from rich import print from rich.panel import Panel panel = Styled(Panel("hello"), "on blue") print(panel)