class Optional[Union[rich.console.ConsoleRenderable, rich.console.RichCast, str]] = None, *, console: Optional[rich.console.Console] = None, screen: bool = False, auto_refresh: bool = True, refresh_per_second: float = 4, transient: bool = False, redirect_stdout: bool = True, redirect_stderr: bool = True, vertical_overflow: typing_extensions.Literal[crop, ellipsis, visible] = 'ellipsis', get_renderable: Optional[Callable[[], Union[rich.console.ConsoleRenderable, rich.console.RichCast, str]]] = None)[source]

Renders an auto-updating live display of any given renderable.

  • renderable (RenderableType, optional) – The renderable to live display. Defaults to displaying nothing.

  • console (Console, optional) – Optional Console instance. Default will an internal Console instance writing to stdout.

  • screen (bool, optional) – Enable alternate screen mode. Defaults to False.

  • auto_refresh (bool, optional) – Enable auto refresh. If disabled, you will need to call refresh() or update() with refresh flag. Defaults to True

  • refresh_per_second (float, optional) – Number of times per second to refresh the live display. Defaults to 4.

  • transient (bool, optional) – Clear the renderable on exit (has no effect when screen=True). Defaults to False.

  • redirect_stdout (bool, optional) – Enable redirection of stdout, so print may be used. Defaults to True.

  • redirect_stderr (bool, optional) – Enable redirection of stderr. Defaults to True.

  • vertical_overflow (VerticalOverflowMethod, optional) – How to handle renderable when it is too tall for the console. Defaults to “ellipsis”.

  • get_renderable (Callable[[], RenderableType], optional) – Optional callable to get renderable. Defaults to None.

property is_started: bool

Check if live display has been started.

process_renderables(renderables: List[rich.console.ConsoleRenderable]) List[rich.console.ConsoleRenderable][source]

Process renderables to restore cursor and display progress.

refresh() None[source]

Update the display of the Live Render.

property renderable: Union[rich.console.ConsoleRenderable, rich.console.RichCast, str]

Get the renderable that is being displayed


Displayed renderable.

Return type


start(refresh: bool = False) None[source]

Start live rendering display.


refresh (bool, optional) – Also refresh. Defaults to False.

stop() None[source]

Stop live rendering display.

update(renderable: Union[rich.console.ConsoleRenderable, rich.console.RichCast, str], *, refresh: bool = False) None[source]

Update the renderable that is being displayed

  • renderable (RenderableType) – New renderable to use.

  • refresh (bool, optional) – Refresh the display. Defaults to False.