class Optional[Union[rich.console.ConsoleRenderable, rich.console.RichCast, str]] = None, *, console: Optional[rich.console.Console] = None, screen: bool = False, auto_refresh: bool = True, refresh_per_second: float = 4, transient: bool = False, redirect_stdout: bool = True, redirect_stderr: bool = True, vertical_overflow: typing_extensions.Literal[crop, ellipsis, visible] = 'ellipsis', get_renderable: Optional[Callable[], Union[rich.console.ConsoleRenderable, rich.console.RichCast, str]]] = None)[source]

Renders an auto-updating live display of any given renderable.

  • renderable (RenderableType, optional) – The renderable to live display. Defaults to displaying nothing.

  • console (Console, optional) – Optional Console instance. Default will an internal Console instance writing to stdout.

  • screen (bool, optional) – Enable alternate screen mode. Defaults to False.

  • auto_refresh (bool, optional) – Enable auto refresh. If disabled, you will need to call refresh() or update() with refresh flag. Defaults to True

  • refresh_per_second (float, optional) – Number of times per second to refresh the live display. Defaults to 4.

  • transient (bool, optional) – Clear the renderable on exit (has no effect when screen=True). Defaults to False.

  • redirect_stdout (bool, optional) – Enable redirection of stdout, so print may be used. Defaults to True.

  • redirect_stderr (bool, optional) – Enable redirection of stderr. Defaults to True.

  • vertical_overflow (VerticalOverflowMethod, optional) – How to handle renderable when it is too tall for the console. Defaults to “ellipsis”.

  • get_renderable (Callable[[], RenderableType], optional) – Optional callable to get renderable. Defaults to None.

property is_started

Check if live display has been started.

process_renderables(renderables: List[rich.console.ConsoleRenderable])List[rich.console.ConsoleRenderable][source]

Process renderables to restore cursor and display progress.


Update the display of the Live Render.

property renderable

Get the renderable that is being displayed


Displayed renderable.

Return type



Start live rendering display.


refresh (bool, optional) – Also refresh. Defaults to False.


Stop live rendering display.

update(renderable: Union[rich.console.ConsoleRenderable, rich.console.RichCast, str], *, refresh: bool = False)None[source]

Update the renderable that is being displayed

  • renderable (RenderableType) – New renderable to use.

  • refresh (bool, optional) – Refresh the display. Defaults to False.